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  • May 16, 2024
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  • Appliances, Range

The Range of Choices

Culinary enthusiasts and busy families in the Sacramento metropolitan area strive for efficiency and excellence in their kitchens. That includes the...
  • April 30, 2024
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  • Freezer, Refrigerator

Freezer Headaches

Fixing Problems with Freezers

Freezers are a common and essential appliance in all modern homes. They a
  • March 7, 2024
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  • Appliances, Dryer

The Tale of the Clothes Dryer

Innovation Combined with Convenience

The modern clothes dryer, a cornerstone of household convenience, has a rich history that mirrors the ongoing development..
  • February 8, 2024
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  • Appliances, Maintenance, Oven, Repair

The Oven or the Microwave?

For centuries, the mainstay of the kitchen was the oven. But when the microwave was introduced, it became more than just...
  • November 21, 2023
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  • Oven

Is Your Oven is Ready?

With the holidays approaching, many households prepare for visitors. Kitchens are ramping up for increased cooking and baking. An
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